Virginia Tech.  What a classy team.  And what classy butts.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen.  Some of you may know this handsome man by the name of Logan Anbinder.  Others may recognize him as the Marketing Director for the IQA.  Logan used to be a big shot at UMD along with the old Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, but he is now moving up in the world.  Best part, he has brains and looks.  Killer Smile, nice eyes, and a sense of humor to make any Taylor Swift song into a Quidditch Anthem.  Logan plays hard and knows how to be a great guy at the same time.  So if you see him at some local tournaments  say hello and talk to him rather than just stare.

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Well some of you fellow Virginians may know this sexy man.  And if you don’t shame on you!  This is Erik Bailey from JMU.  So many of you have requested him that we just couldn’t keep the sexiness away from yall.  Though he may be one of the loudest guys you will hear on the pitch, he is quite the charmer.  Plus that core must be pretty strong to plank on the top of a fucking mountain!  Don’t get too excited because this hunk is currently seeing someone.

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Heres another RVA request for y’all: Tommy McPhail of VCU. Tommy is not only one of the chasers on the team, but also a captain and officer! Talk about a renaissance man!

Last picture is for anon, who specifically asked for “Dat ass. Please, please PLEASE!" We figured we would just go ahead and give you a couple VCU butts, just because we can.

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All right, well you know what they say—Damn, that’s a keeper!

"Eric ‘Carl’ Top-Secret Balls-of-Steel Johnson of Virginia Tech!" Oh Anon.  how did you know we had Eric Carl in the works?  Guess you must be thinking the same thing as us.

Though he is small, he is pretty much a tank and will TAKE YOU DOWN!  Even with an injured wrist, this kid can do some serious damage.  Best part is once he is finished scoring, he will gladly give you a smile and help you up off the ground.  Plus those booty shorts really bring out his um… yeah.  This man was also one of the tournament planners for the Sirius Blacksburg Brawl and did a DAMN good job.

Oh.  Did we mention.  Corn!

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why did you used to post six or seven pictures per person and now you only post three or four?


It really just all depends on how many good photos we can get!

We posted one of UR’s Keeper’s earlier this month, Jeremy Day, but we’ve had multiple requests for another keeper, Brennen Lutz.

Anon says:

University of Richmond’s Keeper, #37, Brennen Lutz is EXTREMELY CUTE!! That hair, that face, dem legz.

We agree anons, we agree. However, those Acromantulas do love their quidcest, Brennan has been dating his teammate, Amy for quite a while.

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Another UCLA request! This is Jennifer Coccimiglio, who our anon said has ‘Biggest blue eyes and most adorable smile on the face of the earth.’ We would have to agree.

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